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Each of us has a personal story regarding forgiveness, whether it be asking for it, or having the courage to give it. Forgive-Don't Forget attempts to examine that theme as it relates to the dynamic between Japan and America since World War II. When Japan surrendered to the U.S. in 1945, numerous swords—powerful symbols of both honor and aggression—were taken from the Japanese soldiers and turned over to American officers stationed in the Pacific where the weapons were then sent to the states. Almost 70 years later, do you think family members of the men who owned these swords would want them back? What would returning them mean, both to the families in Japan and America? Even more, should these swords be given back at all? Journey with us as we attempt to give a voice to the story of one Japanese sword in particular, a story we hope will give us a better understanding of forgiveness.

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A documentary about returning a surrendered sword from WWII. Making peace with the past. We plan to do this by knocking on the door of Japan.

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